New T-shirt - Everything happened in the beginning

T-shirt - 2021

Scattered Order has moved into the rag trade with the release of a limited edition T-shirt. A 100% cotton, black shirt with the cover design from Everything happened in the beginning silk screen printed in white on the front. Design by Cameron Baird from Sensory Creative. We are all really cuffed with the end result.

Check it out here Everything happened in the beginning Limited Edition T-shirt

New album - Everything happened in the beginning

The new album from Scattered Order "Everything happened in the beginning" is now out in the big wide world on the Provenance label on vinyl and digital.

Check it out here. Everything happened in the beginning

After a 3 year break the band return with a new album "Everything happened in the beginning". Recorded in their home studio over a weekend in June 2019, this album combines the spontaneity of live performance and in-the-moment composition with a new poise in production. Some listeners will recognise the spoken and direct vocal style characteristic of some of their earliest work making a welcome reappearance. Above all, this is an album brimming with ideas about how to shift sound forward, something that has been their urgent intention since day one.

You can watch the video by LIVING SCIENCE Dept. for the opening track here. And then there is revision